Mission Impact Videos

We believe that every baby deserves the best possible start. Through this series of Mission Impact videos, hear directly from March of Dimes experts about the many ways our organization is leading the fight for the health of all moms and babies. Thank you for taking the time to learn how the March of Dimes is working every day to deliver the healthiest beginnings so that every generation has the brightest tomorrow.

March of Dimes: The Beginning

Join March of Dimes Vice President of Maternal and Child Health Tracey Reed to learn about March of Dimes 80 year history of success and significant milestones along the way that have impacted the lives of countless babies and families.

Infant Mortality & Birth Defects

In this video, March of Dimes Vice President of Maternal and Child Health Tracey Reed focuses on the important topics of infant mortality and birth defects and March of Dimes research, advocacy and education to ensure the healthiest possible start for all babies.

Premature Birth

March of Dimes Vice President of Maternal and Child Health Tracey Reed explores the critical health issue of premature birth. Learn more about premature birth prevention strategies and the how March of Dimes is addressing this complex health problem that occurs in one out of every ten births.  

Strategic Mission Impact

March of Dimes Vice President of Maternal and Child Health Tracey Reed discusses March of Dimes mission impact in your state. Learn how Strategic Mission Investment (SMI) is making a difference in communities around the country through strategic, measurable and resourced programs.


Join Senior Vice President of Public Policy and Government Affairs Cynthia Pellegrini to learn how March of Dimes advocacy impacts the health and lives of millions of people through laws and regulations at the national and state levels. All volunteers and staff are encouraged to join the Advocacy Network.


Susan Rauh, March of Dimes Program Coordinator-Grants Research & Global Programs, shares our organization’s historic role in supporting scientific research to increase our understanding of the numerous diseases and disorders that affect pregnancy, development and infant health.

Health Equity

What is health equity and what is the March of Dimes role? Dr. Lisa Waddell, March of Dimes Senior Vice President of Maternal and Child Health/NICU Innovation and Deputy Medical Officer explains March of Dimes role in addressing and investing in healthy equity so that the next generation can thrive.


Join Karen Kroder, March of Dimes Editorial Director, for the important topic of education. March of Dimes targets two groups: women, so they can make healthy choices and decisions about pregnancy and newborn care; and health professionals, about state of the science and best practices interventions.

NICU Innovation

How does March of Dimes NICU Innovation make a difference every day? Join March of Dimes Director of NICU Innovation Lori Gunther to explore the ways March of Dimes is making an impact across the country for babies and their families through the NICU Family Support Program.