A comprehensive program that establishes benchmarks in order to measure Market Board effectiveness, provide tools and resources for continued improvement, and define recognition opportunities based on overall results and increased engagement.

Highly Effective Market Board



Engagement and Recognition

  • All Board Members complete Individual Engagement Plans on an annual basis and are reviewed quarterly in partnership with Executive Director, Chair and Volunteer Engagement. 
  • New members complete engagement plan following Onboarding process.
  • All Board Members receive feedback/guidance based on engagement plan and actual participation.
  • Collective engagement (roll up) of individual engagement plans of all members is shared with the Board. 
  • Board Members participate in Advocacy Action Network and action alerts on a timely basis.
  • Market Boards recognize individual contributions.

Oversight – Market Strategic Business Plan

  • Annual Market Strategic Business Plan, reflective of the National Strategic Plan, is developed by Market Board Chair, key board members and market lead staff partner.
  • Plan is developed based on thorough Market SWOT analysis including past financial performance.
  • Plan clearly identifies strategic priorities, goals and actions to deliver market financial goals.
  • Actions necessary to attain each element of the plan delegated to the appropriate committee, Board Members and/or staff.
  • Progress against plan (including Market Board scorecard) is reviewed using financial dashboard format (results vs. budget) at every Board meeting and in one-on-one meetings between Market Board Chair and market staff lead.


Market Board Responsibilities

  • Meet annual financial goals of the Market.
  • Lead financial monitoring by benchmarking projections against budget/goals in order to develop an action plan for areas projecting below budget.
  • Three-year Market performance, including diversification of revenue and benchmarking against select like-size markets is reviewed quarterly.
  • Diversification of revenue review includes monitoring progress with individual giving and Mission Investment Opportunities (NICU Family Support, Supportive Pregnancy Care) in addition to events.  Defined goals for revenue streams are reflected in the Market Strategic Business Plan for a three-year period.

Individual Market Board Member Responsibilities

  • Individual Market Board Member contributions (Give and Get) are reflected in Individual Engagement Plans and Market Board Scorecard.
  • 75% of Market Board Members are on track for achieving Give and Get on an annual basis.
  • An individual action plan is developed for those Market Board Members tracking below requirements in order to help them surpass their goal.


  • Timeline and clear process for recruitment are defined based on Market Needs Assessment and Volunteer Leadership/Board Composition exercise.
  • Process includes identifying, cultivating and recruiting new Market Board Members, event leaders and Executive Leadership Team Members (ELT). Market Board uses the defined Nominating and Recruiting Process and develops a 3 year volunteer recruitment pipeline.
  • All new leaders, including Market Board Members, participate in March of Dimes Onboarding program which includes a 30-, 60-, 90-day check in process.
  • Inactive Market Board Members are constructively managed off the Board on an annual basis.
  • A plan to improve diversity in gender, race, ethnicity, industry, age and geography is incorporated into Market Board Strategic Plan and monitored throughout the recruitment process. Best practices in diversifying the Board.