Volunteer Leadership in Action

“I wanted to be a part of the solution; and given how lucky I have been to have healthy babies, I knew it was my calling to give back.” – Greater Philadelphia Market Volunteer Seth Hall

A Conversation with Seth Hall, 2017 Greater Philadelphia March for Babies Chair and Vice Chair of the Market Board. In his professional life, Seth is the Senior Vice President for the Philadelphia Insurance Companies.

What motivates you to share your time and talents to impact March of Dimes mission?  Eight years ago I saw through the eyes of a close friend of mine, the devastating impacts a preterm delivery can have on a family.  While both family and child are doing well today, it was a long and arduous journey; one that wouldn’t end with such a happy story if it not for the wonderful work the March of Dimes has done and continues to do.  At that point I committed myself to helping in any way I could. I wanted to be a part of the solution; and given how lucky I have been to have healthy babies, I knew it was my calling to give back.

What is the biggest personal and/or professional benefit you receive as a March of Dimes volunteer? For me it is all personal; it is the feeling of knowing you are truly helping to move the needle. It is knowing that the money I help raise, goes directly into the research and development needed to help eventually eradicate pre-term labor. 

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What is the most memorable accomplishment of your volunteer experience to date?  I have two that stick out for me….1) 2016 was an incredible moment when I knew we had crossed the $90K mark for money raised for the run AND we had over 700 registered runners.  It was a wonderful feeling.  2) This year’s March for Babies and Run for Babies were very successful and given the vast amount of events going on that weekend and given we had to move locations, I was incredibly proud of the team’s results. 

What excites you about March of Dimes future?  I am incredibly motivated to continue to see the pre-term rate subside.  There are very ambitious goals and I want to be a part of the solution – providing the fuel (money) needed to help drive out continued innovation.

 Any closing thoughts? While March of Dimes is a large organization, it is also opportunistic. When the March of Dimes eradicated Polio, it quickly moved on to the next mission.  I believe this fortitude and desire to be successful is still at the core of this organization.

 I am continuously inspired and motivated by all the engaged, energetic, creative and passionate volunteers and staff at the March of Dimes.  It is an organization that values and cultivates the development of its volunteers and thus it is an incredibly rewarding experience for volunteers.