The Movement Committee leads the year-round activities related to building a continuous pipeline of strong volunteer leaders, activating and orienting volunteers, celebrating and recognizing individual and market success. The work of this committee is guided by the Movement Committee Charter and led by the Movement Committee Chair. The Movement Committee Standards of Excellence provide performance benchmarks to identify strengths and areas for improvement. The committee’s work is focused on three categories:


2020-21 Volunteer Engagement Committee Charter

2020-21 Chair, Volunteer Engagement Committee Position Description

2020-21 Individual Engagement Plan

Volunteer Recognition Toolkit

2020-21 Volunteer Hub Fact Sheet 

2020-21 Creative Ways to Thank Your Volunteers 

2020 National Volunteer Leadership Awards Promo Video

2020 National Volunteer Leadership Awards Descriptions

2020-21 Principles for Volunteerism


  • Helping to identify media partnership and other in-kind media/ marketing support to amplify MOD messages and programs locally
  • Rallying networks and serving as a connector with communications agencies or other influencers to raise awareness about MOD and our mission
  • Helping to identify and steward local influencers, serve as spokespeople for the organization, support fundraising, advocacy, and other impact work through promotional strategies


2020-21 Nominating and Recruiting Committee Charter

2020-21 Chair, Nominating and Recruiting Committee Position Description

2020-21 Nominating and Recruiting Process

2020-21 Volunteer Nomination Form

Market Board Composition and Recruitment Assessment Matrix

2020 Young Professionals Board Charter

2020 Young Professionals Chair Position Description

Nominating and Recruiting Chair video